A sense of dejá vu in the US election?

I thought something was familiar about this year’s race for the White House. I thought that fiction was supposed to mimic real life, not the other way round! Fiction has in fact become real life, as the final season of the West Wing is being replayed for real in the USA this autumn! I just hope that the season finale is replayed next January at the inauguration of the new US president.

Husband pointed out an article on the BBC News Magazine website which highlights the similarities between the Obama-McCain race and the Santos-Vinick election in season 7 of the West Wing. It’s amazing how many similarities there are, even given that the Matthew Santos character appears to have been based on Barack Obama.

Have a read, especially if you are a West Wing fan.


One Response

  1. As you know I have not seen The West Wing yet, but I wondered if there was a scary gun toting running mate on that too?

    Well, Ray Sullivan, the Republican VP nominated candidate in the West Wing was certainly further to the right than the presidential candidate, Arnold Vinick (played by Alan Alda), but I don’t remember him being anywhere near as extreme as the current, real life republican VP candidate! He was more likely to change his views and agree with Vinick than stick out his own, far right views.

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