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Return of the Lurgy

So, it appears that my family are having all their winter illnesses in the same few weeks. Nothing like getting it all over and done with!

The latest version of the lurgy is a sickness bug. Handsome had it at the weekend and Husband and Cheeky are miserable with it at the moment. I’m using all of my willpower to talk myself out of being ill – if I get ill, I’ll have to phone for Handsome to come home from school and look after the three of us!

So, what is your opinin? Do you think it’s possible to talk yourself healthy? If it is, I’ll still be not vomiting tomorrow and I’ll bring you an update. If not, I don’t think it’s information you’d like me to share, and I’ll keep the update to myself!

I’m thinking of painting a red cross on my front door and wearing a bell around my neck – what will we be ill with next? Hopefully this will be it for the winter (touch wood, turn round three times and spit!).

4 Responses

  1. Poor Jennie, will it never end?

    Though I suspect that spitting will just spread it around so keep your germs to yourself!

    Seriously, if there’s owt you need, give me a shout xx

  2. Oh dear, hope you don’t get it, being sick is one of the worst things.

    Have you got any peppermint tea? That’s meant to help stomachs, I always drink Camomile & Peppermint tea when I’ve got a dodgy tummy

    I got it. however, the (small) consolation is that it seems to be a 24 hour bug, and I’m starting to think about eating again now, although it still seems a bit of a radical initiative!

    I’ll think about the tea. However, I’ve never been able to find herbal teas that I like. Obviously just too fussy!

  3. I’d forget about talking yourself healthy and concentrate on taking it easy until you feel better! Take the “ill” out of “willpower”, lol!!!

    I am suffering from nausea as well at the moment as you know- fresh ginger is great.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    Thank you! Funnily enough (great minds think alike) I was thinking about making a nice soup for tea (may be able to eat by then) with some fresh ginger grated into it in the early cooking stages. I could just fancy some soup, it feels like the way forward! Hope you feel better really soon as well. Sending hugs from Cardiff!

  4. Parsnip and ginger soup is WONDERFUL and dead easy to make…you’re making me want some! 😀

    Once again our thoughts are similar, except I was thinking of parsnip, carrot and ginger soup (with maybe a little red pepper added in for the sweetness!). I do love a nice mixed vegetable soup! I’m making apple and ginger jam at the moment though, and the scent of the fruit and spices is going through the house making me think of Christmas!

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