Definition of Summer

My cold has come back again, and my head feels very bunged up. It is very cold and grey outside, and slightly misty. I was absolutely worn out when I woke up, which is all wrong, and even a ‘bracing’ walk to school and back did nothing to make me more alert. I am most definitely not yet in a mood today to feel glad about the weather, and with that in mind (i.e. the bitterness I feel at having to wait six more months to feel warm without artificial aids!) I started to think about the definition of summer.

This year, those months with the most daylight hours did not adhere to the dictionary definition of Summer. Here are some of the definitions I have found on the internet.

Among words in common use in various locations I have researched are ‘temperate’, ‘warm’, ‘bright’, as well as ‘tourism’. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but my touristic endeavours were definitely limited this summer as I had very little inclination to take my children sight-seeing in the rain.

“A period of fruition, fulfillment, happiness, or beauty” says Humph. I don’t feel that I experienced any of these, but then this could be the bitterness induced by my cold inducing a form of memory loss. I’m sure I wasn’t unhappy all the way through the summer, I’m just finding it hard to remember summer-related high points right now (maybe the cold is slowing my brain function!).

I’m going to wrap myself in blankets while I watch ‘The West Wing‘ for the morning while I drink endless cups of tea and try to tell myself that I don’t need chocolate to make myself happy. Then, after lunch maybe I’ll feel happier and more able to be productive. I’m most definitely ‘glass half empty’ today!


4 Responses

  1. Snipe sends a great big doggy kiss, Fergie sends some piggie cuddles, and I could send you a virtual batch of homemade cookies and some chicken soup? Only virtual, you understand, I haven’t actually been baking. But the thought’s there!

    Virtual’s fine – less calories that way! I’m doing the Rosemary Conley Fat Attack Fortnight for the next two weeks, and so no cookies and cake for me. However, I appreciate the cuddles, although I hope to have them for real at the end of the week. I need to borrow a dog for a day so that I can pretend I’m a dog owner!

  2. After the way Snipe chewed B’s xbox controller last night, I think she’d give you the chance to be a real dog owner!

    Thankfully, the fact that it wasn’t properly was due to a low battery and nothing dog-related. Though she still put a hole in the cat bed…

    Bless! I’ll dog-sit! When you coming for dinner? (Preferably not Thursday!)

  3. I’ll let you know in an hour or so when B gets back from work. Yay for Jennie dinners!!!

  4. B is working lates all week apart from (guess!) Thursday, but is off on Friday. That any good?

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