Lebanese cuisine

I went out last night with my best friend Maria to a Lebanese restaurant in Cardiff called Mezza Luna. I’ve never eaten in a Lebanese restaurant before, so it was a new experience for me! Having said that, I played it very safe with the menu and opted to have a steak served with a peppercorn sauce and rosemary potatoes and salad. It was absolutely lovely, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my food choice to others. I had Baklawa for dessert, which is layers of filo pastry with ground walnuts and pistachio nuts mixed with (I think) honey and rose water. It was very rich and a little would go a very long way!

There was a belly dancer performing in the restaurant who was very talented and energetic, and a few times she managed to get some of the patrons to get up and dance with her, including Trina, whose birthday we were there to celebrate. She seemed to have a fantastic few minutes, shaking her hips with the belt of coins tied round her to help with setting the mood!

One thing that I noticed as a result of this meal is that my tastes have definitely changed as a result of my change in diet over recent months. At one time I would have had no problem at all in finishing all of the very rich and sweet Baklawa dessert, but last night I only managed a little over half (and probably should have stopped a little earlier, if truth be told, but I’ll spare you the details!). It just goes to show that my food tastes seem to have become more centred on wholesome, natural foods with less sweetening than I used to enjoy. But this is a good thing! I’ll never be a UK size 12 next summer if I continue to indulge my sweet tooth regularly with anything other than fruit!


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