The new and exciting happenings of my cold

So, yesterday I was joking with my friend Jo about my cold. Just when I thought it was clearing up, yesterday happened and I lost my voice. Last night I said to her that I’d probably wake up covered in green spots. Well, it’s my own fault then (as my husband said, a self fulfilling prophecy).

I woke up feeling fine. Loud of voice, bright eyed, bushy tailed and remarkably clear sinuses (although I’m sorry to report that clarity has since left me). Brilliant, I thought, I’ve chased off the dreaded lurgy; I can get back to normal and get stuff done today. But then I noticed an itching around my throat. It appears that I have had an allergic reation to I know not what which has caused a very localised rash on the front of my neck. How bizarre! I’ve used no new soaps or laundry detergents; eaten no unwashed fruit or vegetables and neither have I had any new perfumes or deodorants recently. So what has caused this? There’s only one possible answer…


I can think of no other explanation. The monster felt mocked by my reference to the Lurgy in recent posts and so decreed that I needed punishing. Hmm. I’ll keep you updated on his new and interesting forms of punishment as and when they manifest themselves. For now, I’ve taken an antihistamine tablet and I’m hoping that will deal with this latest annoyance.


3 Responses

  1. Long as it’s not my fault…

    Are you *sure* you’re not contagious?

    Ooooooh, I know what it is.

    You broke open your emergency chocolate, didn’t you?

    I think we have a suspect…

    Hmmm, now I’m in a quandary. Do I eat more of the chocolate in the name of scientific research and for the greater good, or do I avoid it like the plague (which I’ll probably have by the weekend at this rate) and bin it? You ate some too – do you have any unusual symptoms yet?

  2. No, but I’m probably not allergic to it.

    I know – let’s both have some more. If I stay well you remain lurgified, then we’ll know for sure…!

  3. Ick. Get better soon 🙂

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