Who needs a voice, anyway?

So, yesterday I was congratulating myself on having fought off the lurgy in record time. I had a very productive day, and although I still had the odd sniffle it was nothing to write home about. And then today came. And my voice went. Hurrah! I hear my nearest and dearest proclaim, peace at last! Aha! Yes, you may have a break from my sweet, bell like voice, but my tippety tappety fingers have not been affected by this latest incarnation of the lurgy and so I am still posting!

I woke up this morning with the sorest throat I’ve had in years. And no voice. I can’t remember the last time I lost my voice. Anyway, when hubby woke me up this morning I really couldn’t face getting up, let alone getting Handsome and Cheeky to school on time. And so my wonderful hubby volunteered to take them for me – what a lovely man! I was able to stay in my nice warm cosy bed for a bit longer. And he even went and bought some more milk for me so that I can have a steady stream of cups of health restoring tea through the day. He’s such a sweetie!

I’m very glad that I managed to get so much done yesterday, including making a casserole for tea tonight, as this means that I can have a sitting down day today, and let my poor throat get better in peace, quiet and tranquillity!

I know I had a good idea for a post for today, but my memory has gone off for a day trip with my voice, and so I’ll have to wait for them to come skipping back together and hope that they don’t leave my idea behind! I wonder where they’ve gone? Maybe to the beach, for some bracing sea air. Hmm, I think I’m getting a little feverish now, and I might be as well to have another little lie down. ‘Talk’ to you all later. x


5 Responses

  1. You poor thing! Feel better soon!

    I hate getting a good idea for the blog and then forgetting it!

    OK, now you’re making me feel guilty for complaining about a cold! Hope you’re feeling better today. How long do the icky side-effects of chemo take to wear off anyway? xx

  2. Awwwww, poor Jennie!

    I was gonna take you up on your lovely offer of grub tonight but shall I come round tomorrow instead?!

    You can come today if you want – I made tonight’s dinner yesterday so it’s no effort to me! Just don’t be all over me (I know it’s hard to resist!) unless you really badly want to catch a lurgy!

  3. Like I said the other day, my name’s not Chandler!!!!!

  4. oh no, you seemed much better yesterday. Hope you’re drinking plenty of honey & lemon too.

    I keep forgetting about honey and lemon, which is silly as Husband and I bought a bag of lemons when he was off work with the lurgy the other day. However, I’m finding the health-restoring properties of cups of tea (especially those made by Handsome) very comforting!

  5. I hope you get better soon and your voice comes back.

    Thanks for your kind wishes – my voice came back by tea time, although I ingeniously employed my son’s recorder to summon my children yesterday rather than shouting for them – that saved my voice considerably!

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