Be My Bra

I will admit that when I first read the title of this post at Leechbabe’s blog I was intrigued! However, when I found out what it was about it wasn’t anywhere near as racy as I had initially imagined! Rather, it is a widgetty gadgetty thing on a website where you can create your own mini-me (kind of like an avatar) which then holds hands with other people’s creations to show support for the fight against breast cancer. Cool, huh! Here’s mine;

What would yours look like? Why not hop over to and see for yourself?

4 Responses

  1. Being a bloke, I was of course attracted to the title of this blog, however, I’m not so shallow. Being the son of a breast cancer survivor I am naturally eager to support the cause. Unfortunately I don’t think they had a mini-me that quite matched my frame 😉

    Aha! They do in fact have male avatars available, although (naturally) I didn’t investigate them thoroughly! They’re probably long and stringy like the female ones though – I can assure you that I’m about as far away from long and stringy as ladies can get! However, the thought was there!

  2. I may be easy to impress, but I thought this was unbelievably cool

  3. The shape does not match mine by a long shot. But it is a very cool idea. I loved playing with it.

  4. Great idea, especially bearing in mind that I am dealing with this very subject right now!

    Andrew- men get breast cancer too, sadly.

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