Early morning travel

Recently I was travelling to work at an early hour in the morning. I choose to start work early because then I finish mid-afternoon and get to spend some time with family or friends as well. Anyway, when I’m not rushing to catch my bus I quite enjoy going out at that time in the morning. It is so quiet and peaceful, and everything smells so fresh and lovely. So, by the time I reached the bus stop I was already in a pretty good mood. Imagine how that was bolstered, then, by the arrival of a double decker bus at the stop! I thought that I had written before about my total throwback to childhood that I experience when I get to ride upstairs on a double decker bus, but I can’t find the post so my memory must be playing tricks on me (again!). I remember travelling on buses with my mother in the holidays when I was very young and being thrilled if she let us sit upstairs. This was in the days pre-CCTV on public transport, and there was a periscope-like device which the driver could use to see what was happening on the top deck. I used to love sitting in the front seat upstairs and peering down this tube, watching the top of the driver’s head as he drove the bus! I know, simple pleasures for simple minds and all of that! Anyway, ever since then I have considered it a treat to sit upstairs in a double decker bus.

One lifelong ambition of mine is to, at some point, hold an HGV driving licence. I have a good friend, Chris, with whom I share this ambition, although it does stretch further as we have said that we would at some point (not necessarily all at the same time!) like to hold every class of licence pertaining to driving road vehicles in the UK. I think the plan is to start with fork lift trucks and work our way up the spectrum! Anyway, part of my HGV driving dream is to do a reasonably long journey (ideally involving a motorway) in a large lorry. I love the idea of thundering down the road while feeling quite high above the tarmac, as opposed to driving a car where you can sometimes (especially in our old Ford Escort which we have thankfully exchanged now) feel as if your behind is skimming the road surface.

But back to my journey. I sat in my favoured upstairs front seat and watched the world go by for my short journey to work. The roads were very quiet with few other commuters at that time in the morning and so we had very little unpleasant stopping and starting. The tide was high and the river estuary which I cross was beautifully, serenely full. In preparation for the warm autumn afternoon which was to come there was mist rising over the buildings in the city centre which lent quite an ethereal appearance to the approach. The streetlights were just starting to snap off as we reached the outer limits of the city centre, heralding the arrival of the sunshine. I arrived at work feeling energised and invigorated by my peaceful journey; would that all commutes could be so pleasureable!


2 Responses

  1. I’ve had a go at driving a coach. Hubby bought me an Italian Job driving experience for our 1st Anniversay. I did great, got in and out of all the cones, then went and turned around fine, but someone had decided to put a concrete block in a place I couldn’t see it, and I clipped it with the back wheel. Unfortunately I hit it at such a speed, the wheel became a bit dangerous and no one else could have a go – oops!

  2. I love early mornings, that is my peaceful time.

    Me I like driving close to the road, so would rather drive a sports car than a lorry. 🙂

    Well, I wouldn’t say no to a sportscar if one was offered to me ;). Maybe it’s a short person thing, that I’d love to be taller and see the views better!

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