The dreaded lurgy has caught up with me!

I have succumbed.

For the past week I have watched as both of my children and my parents have suffered with a cold. Cheeky, in particular, has had it bad as he has been plagued (hmm, bad choice of word?) with a hacking cough. It has kept both him and us up for a few nights, which probably didn’t help Husband and I to fight off the virus ourselves. Handsome had a couple of days off school last week as he was feeling under the weather with his cold and cough although Cheeky soldiered through and made it into school every day (he didn’t want to stay home – he’s very much like me in that he’s afraid that he might miss out on something exciting!).

Yesterday morning then, I woke up with the tell tale heavy feeling in my head and a sniffly nose which inevitably heralds a few days of feeling very sorry for myself! Despite this, and with a (thermos) cup of tea in hand, I manfully (why not womanfully? Hmm, my vocabulary today really leaves something to be desired!) ploughed my sneezing and streaming-eyed way into work. Even more than this, I went shopping after work with my best friend Maria which I enjoyed despite my thick head! And I bought my happy shoes! Yay! Photos to follow!

However, I paid the price for my afternoon of retail therapy – by the time I got home I was feeling really sick and retreated to the sofa to watch Strictly Come Dancing whilst wrapped up in a blanket. My husband had made vegetable curry for tea (he really is being very helpful with my weight loss quest in terms of the food he puts in front of me!) which, due to his adding a little too much liquid was almost a vegetable curry soup! However, I managed to work up an appetite by about 9.30pm and had a bowlful – it was delicious and just what I had been craving all day. I was in bed by 10pm and would have slept all night through had it not been for a very sad Cheeky appearing at just after midnight, coughing violently and crying because he couldn’t stop. Half an hour of cuddles, medicine, chocolate (it works wonders for both soothing throats and morale!) and loving later and he went back to bed and I sank into another comalike sleep until 7am when I was roused by the same little Cheeky coughing discreetly whilst lying next to me to get my attention!

I have had a cup of health-restoring tea this morning so far, and I am in eager anticipation of a home cooked lunch at my mother-in-law’s house later on. However, the reason for my writing to you about the symptoms of my cold were to forewarn you that I may be a little lax on the posting front over the next few days. At the moment I am sitting in bed, enjoying Sunday morning laziness and so it isn’t too much of an effort to tippety tap away on the computer. However, from tomorrow when I actually have to get constructive things done I think that I may find lucid thought (which is generally helpful when trying to achieve a readable blog!) harder work, so you might not hear from me as much as usual for a few days. However, I will try to find a few minutes to write some posts to time-delay-publish so that you don’t feel too hard done by! Have a happy week, and I hope that the lurgy has passed you by. If not, and you are in the same, unenviable position as is my family right now, I’d advocate honey and lemon drinks, vaporub, chocolate (it does quite genuinely soothe an itchy cough!) and lots of cups of tea, preferably made and delivered by someone else while you watch re-runs of ‘Friends’ and ‘West Wing’ on TV.


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  1. oh dear! Hope you’re feeling better by tomorrow for the school run – just don’t get too close if I see you!

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  3. Awwwww, poor Jennie. Hope you’ve kept your germs to yourself. Do you know, bringing Handsome to see me (well, ok, the pigs) the other day when he was icky could be considered a form of germ warfare?

    Hope you’re feeling better today xx

  4. I’m doing a research project and accidently found your blog via google.

    I hope things are getting better with the colds, I would try buckwheat honey for the coughs.

    As a dad and a doctor, I find children’s cough and cold medications a very scary topic. I used to think that as long as my patient’s or I dosed the children’s cold & cough medications right, then everything would be OK. But when I researched this further, it turns out that children have died from “over dose” of ALL THE MAJOR CHILDRENS COLD AND COUGH MEDICINES even when given the correct dose (

    Here are a few interesting facts:

    1. Last October 2007, the drug companies promised the FDA that they would change all their labeling to say “do not use” for children under the age of 2, but I was just in the store last week, and a number of packages still had the old labeling!

    2. The FDA reviewed safety and effectiveness data this last fall and its expert panel said that “right now the current cold & cough medications should not be given to children under 6.” Here is a link to the FDA’s minutes, “”, see page 6. The FDA made a public advisory in January 2008 about never using it for children under 2, because the Drug companies are fighting them on the panels ruling to never use cold and cough medications on children 2 to 6. Since these drugs were previously allowed by the FDA, the FDA is forced to go though “due process” before they are willing to make an official public statement about never giving these medications to children 2 to 6.

    3. The number of infant deaths attributed to cold and cough medicines is dramatically underreported. New research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics demonstrated that there were at least “10 unexpected infant deaths that were associated with cold-medication” in 2006 alone in the state of Arizona. Extrapolated over the US and Canadian population, that would be over 500 deaths a year associated with cold-medication! (

    The thing that the drug companies don’t want anyone to know is that these medications never underwent the rigorous safety and effectiveness studies modern medications have to go though, they we grandfathered in the early 1970’s because at that time experts felt like they seemed to work, and they seemed safe enough.

    Interestingly, some researchers from Penn State have shown that Buckwheat honey is better then the OTC drugs for children’s cough. There is a web site that talks about this, and gives lots of research to help parents be better informed about how to help their kids. Check out


  5. Daddydoctor – thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. Those are some scary statistics you are quoting. And you are quite right in that the apparent problems with these medicines has passed me by completely. I will try to make time to visit these websites soon.

    Meanwhile, Hubby and I do drink honey and lemon hot drinks when we have colds, but we can’t persuade the children to drink them yet. Maybe we can find a more palatable form to get this natural remedy into them! And although people have been laughing at me with my insistence that chocolate is good for coughs, I genuinely believe that it works! Quite seriously though, I’m not using it as an all out excuse to eat as much of the stuff as I’d like, but just a couple of chocolate drops or a small square of chocolate seems to sooth an itchy throat for every bit as long as more conventional pharmacy remedies. And it’s so much more pleasant to medicate myself this way! The children are hardly complaining either!

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