Organic vegetable box

A few weeks ago I started to think about my grocery shopping, and how I could do it in a way which both made me happier with my purchasing choices and saved me money. Welshpurpletree started me thinking more seriously about it when she wrote about shopping locally. Anyway, the long and short of it is that I decided to start buying my meat from the butcher down the road, my bread and milk from the shops in the village and just get my long-lasting groceries from the supermarket. But I wanted to be able to buy my fruit and vegetables locally, and we don’t have a greengrocer within walking distance (with good quality and a good choice) and so I decided to look online. After considering my choices I decided to order a box from Green Cuisine. I was able to specify two things that I wouldn’t want, and they choose a selection from the remaining items which they have in stock. As much as possible of the produce is apparently locally sourced, and it is all organic. Well, when that first box arrived and I started eating the contents (not straight away, you understand!) I was blown away by the difference in quality between that and the supermarket vegetables I had been buying for so long. My mother used to grow most of her own vegetables when I was growing up, and I remember enjoying them much more than bought in produce, but I hadn’t until now realised just how great the contrast is. As I peeled and chopped the carrots from my box, the delicious smell filled my kitchen, even overtaking the smell of the joint of pork I had roasting in the oven at the time! We were so happy with that first box that I ordered a second, larger box for the following week and I have today received my third box.

I like the courtesy extended by the gentleman who delivers the boxes. I like the freshness and quality of the produce as well as the presentation. I like the thought that I’m doing a little bit to help both local trade and the environment by cutting the food miles and I like that it is all organic so I know what is going into my family’s tummies. And even though it is maybe a little more expensive than the veggies I was buying from the supermarket (although I think the price would be about equal if you took the organic part into consideration) I am wasting less as I always overbuy fruit and vegetables in a shop. We ate every last item from the first box and there is very little left from the second box now. I do stock up on a couple of things (literally a few carrots, apples and bananas) mid week, but other than that the veg box has been amply fulfilling our needs! It’s great because even when I don’t feel like cooking something healthy I will be pushed towards it so that I don’t waste any of these lovely vegetables. And if there are any left at the end of a week my husband will benefit because he will have soup made for his lunches! And so everyone is happy!

*p.s. while I think about it, Welshpurpletree, you were asking what my kitchen tiles are like – I’ve left enough of them in the above photo so that you can have a look! You can tell that I completely forgot what my kitchen looks like – they’re not beige at all! Bless me – my memory is abysmal.


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  1. How did you think they were beige? That’s quite amusing. The fruit & veg look yum, is it a huge cucumber or courgette in the middle of the second pic? Did the eggs come in the box too?

  2. Have you done research on to find a local farmer to purchase your vegetables from? This could be a good resource for you.

    I just recently started my own blog at . Let me know if you have any suggestions for a beginner!

  3. Welshpurpletree – I think that I dislike my kitchen so much as it is right now that I’ve sort of blanked it out of my head! The eggs were free because I placed my first order during ‘Organic Fortnight’. And there’s a funny story about that vegetable. I thought it was a marrow and couldn’t think of anything to do with it except vegetable lasagne. It wasn’t until it was chopped up in the pan and I realised that I hadn’t had to scoop seeds out that I realised it wasn’t a marrow…it was a giant cucumber! I still cooked it though, and it was surprisingly tasty in the lasagne! Who would have thought it?!

  4. Jenna – thanks for visiting. Unfortunately, that website is no good for me as it only covers north America and I’m in Wales. However, the company who I am ordering from sources as much as possible from local farmers, so it’s the next best thing!

    As to tips, I think you need to post regularly to build up readership, and comment (relevantly, as you have here) in order to encourage people to come to your blog, and also to get your website spread around as many places as possible. Good luck with it, and please come back and let me know how it’s all going. I’ll be looking at some of the links in your blog for more organic ideas!

  5. We grew a lot of veggies for the first time this year- it was a great project for our kids (they loved it!) and the produce was incredible. We have big expansion plans for next year!

    I must look into seeing if there’s a similar scheme in Northern Ireland where I am. I’m getting more and more keen on organic, locally sourced produce.

  6. I live in a flat and so don’t have my own garden for the purposes of growing vegetables 😦 although I did manage to grow a handful of tomatoes on the windowsill, and I have some carrots growing in large plant pots outside! My friend Jo and I have dreams of having a massive field with pigs, chickens and a large vegetable and fruit garden, although I don’t really know how realistic that would be!

    I don’t know if this is helpful, but I did a quick google search on vegetable delivery in Northern Ireland and came up with this and this Hope it’s of some help. I’d thoroughly recommend it if it’s anywhere near as good as our delivery service.

  7. That’s a great resource- thank you so much! I live about three miles from Comber, which features heavily and is one of the top potato growing regions in the UK. Should have thought of that before- d’oh! 😀

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