In my fruit and veg box I have been receiving oranges and a lime over the past couple of weeks. I enjoy satsumas but I’ve never been the biggest fan of large eating oranges. So when I got these in my pick and mix box I decided that I should do something new and creative with them rather than letting them go to waste. First thought that came into my mind – Marmalade!

I’ve got a couple of really good recipe books – one by Mary Berry and the other is “Reader’s Digest Cookery Year” – which I call on whenever I want to try something new. And so I looked through them and, true to form, the Reader’s Digest book had detailed instructions describing the production of a range of marmalades. As I had a few different citrus fruits I decided to make the three fruit marmalade with a twist – I used four fruits as I had limes as well as oranges, lemons and a grapefruit. And so, I bought the sugar and got chopping.

I had to leave the fruit to soak in water overnight to try to combat the natural bitterness and toughness of the rind. Then the pan of fruit was boiled for a couple of hours before the sugar was added and the whole lot set into marmalade. I made jam last year with some grapes that a kind neighbour gave me, and so this was quite straightforward, especially with the clear instructions in my recipe book.

And here it is; a finished jar of four fruit marmalade cooling down before the lid could be fastened. I got six jars of varying sizes from the amount of fruit I had, which I thought was good value – it didn’t look like a lot of fruit! I love making preserves like this, and am hoping to make more before the winter. Plums are on offer in Tesco at the moment – the thought of plum jam or plum and apple jam is very tempting to me right now! 


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