Feeding the ducks

As it was such a nice day here in Cardiff yesterday we decided to take advantage of the sunshine and take a quick trip to Roath Park Lake. We had some crusts from loaves in the kitchen so we took them to feed to the birds. Well, it was comical – the birds are obviously well used to being fed as they recognised the bread bag in my hand and started following me down the path! We were trying to get to an area where the geese and swans were in the water, but soon established that this was unlikely to happen so we gave up and fed them on the path. My sons and I ended up surrounded by the birds as we almost hand fed them the bread – it was lovely! Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the birds as they flocked around us to get the bread, as I was only able to photograph them once we had fed them, and the crowd dispersed fairly rapidly once they established that we didn’t have any bread left! However, here are a few pictures of some of the beautiful birds, taken when they were feeling quite grumpy that all the tasty morsels had vanished!

This goose followed me for quite a long time down the path until we gave up and stopped to feed them. And then he stayed around the longest after the bread was all gone, just in case we had kept any extra food hidden.

The swan was actually a bit cheesed off, but was very gracious in its attitude to us, as it came along just in time for the last couple of bits of bread. I had always heard that you don’t want to get too near to swans as they can be nasty if provoked, but I suppose that the birds at the lake must be so used to people being around all the time that they can co-exist quite happily. Anyway, none of them showed the slightest bit of aggression towards any of us, only greed for more bread than anyone else!

This little guy was just bending down and checking that he hadn’t missed any crumbs when I leaned down to take this picture of him. He was keeping a close eye on my camera though, in case it emitted food I think!


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