Feelings of guilt because I’ve got it good

I’ve just written a very flippant post about a television show that I enjoy, and as soon as I posted it I went to check on the latest news updates with the BBC. And to my horror I found out about the huge lorry bomb which detonated in front of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, killing dozens of people.

Why do people do this to fellow citizens of the world? We’ve just seen a wonderful display of world unity in the Olympic Games, with people from almost every country happy to stand shoulder by shoulder with fellow world class athletes of any nationality. And yet, almost at the same time a minority of people feel the need to kill innocents while they are at their dinner table, while they are sleeping, shopping, going about their every day business.

I feel so guilty now because I was having fun and laughing and joking while, at the same time, on the other side of the world people are suffering; either with grievous injuries as a result of the bombing or because they have lost friends and relatives in this lunacy. I know that people are suffering all of the time at some place or other around the world and that I can’t live thinking like that or I’d never be happy. However, it does give one pause for thought when you find out that something so dreadful has happened at the same time as such mundane, everyday, calm things are happening in your own life.


2 Responses

  1. hi jennie..

    i was flipping through ur blogs after ‘sehri’ when i read abt ur feelings of guilt on the Marriott bombings..we pakistanis are grief-struck,awed,dismayed by the sheer lunacy of it all!y us?y our country?y after american infiltrations in our tribal belt,bombs now rip thru our capital…my sis was staying nearby and i was naturally devastated when i cudnt reach her for bout 30 minutes…what about those who lost loved ones for a lifetime?!?

    the image of MY religion gets tarnished becoz of the brazenness of a few misguided souls…i want to clarify our position,to clear things up,to bridge differences…but how do i go abt convincing 6 bn ppl that we are as peaceloving and as ‘human’ as them when all they c is blood on our hands!

    im devastated!

  2. Jalal – I’m so sorry for the troubles which Pakistan is suffering. I wanted to reassure you that it is not the whole world that you need to convince of the basic peace loving nature of the majority of Muslims. My longest standing friend from high school has married a Pakistani man from Lahore and has converted to Islam and they are two of the kindest and most gentle, peace loving people I know.

    There are plenty of people who call themselves Christian who terrorise innocent people around the world, and yet not all Christians are tarred with the same brush. There are extremists in almost all religions who mar the image of the followers of their religion around the rest of the world. As has been pointed out so many times, we need to remember that it is only a minority and that the rest of the world is quite content to live peacefully alongside everyone else.

    I will be posting this comment and some other points as a blog post as I feel very strongly about acceptance of people’s beliefs and ways of life. I hope that Pakistan can find its way to a more peaceful future very soon and I pray that your family will stay safe.

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