Cold Snap

As the first cold mornings of Autumn start to arrive, it reminds me of what needs to be done before the winter sets in. Last year we replaced our extremely draughty aluminium framed single glazed windows with uPVC double glazing. We noticed such a difference once the steady current of cold air stopped circulating around the flat. So this year I’d like to have cavity wall insulation installed, but because I live in a flat (albeit ground floor) I’m not sure whether it will be possible. We have a condensation problem during the winter and so I’d like to try to reduce this with the cavity wall insulation.

I need to go through all of our clothes and make sure that we have enough jumpers and other warm clothes to see us through until Spring. My older son (who I will start to call Handsome from now on) takes me by surprise with his growth spurts and so it is quite possible that he doesn’t have a well fitting jumper to his name! My younger son (a.k.a. Cheeky – an obvious pseudonym if you have ever met him!) is easier to clothe as Handsome is easy on his clothes and can generally pass most of them on to Cheeky. I’m glad that it’s not the other way round as, once Cheeky has finished with his clothes they are generally fit for nowhere more sophisticated than the rag bag!

Once it gets colder and the evenings start to draw in I have an unstoppable and undeniable urge to hibernate. I yearn to live somewhere with soft deep armchairs in front of a roaring open fire. I crave casseroles, warming soups and puddings at meal times and I pile the blankets onto my bed to make a snug nest at night. My slipper socks have already made an appearance this month, keeping my toes toasty warm.

I’ve been on a foxed rate for my electricity for the past year, but that comes to an end after Christmas. As a result, if I want to have the heaters on a lot this winter and I don’t want to end up in debtor’s prison for failure to pay my fuel bill I’m going to need to cut back on other things to free up the money. I don’t have central heating and the storage heaters are next to useless as well as greedy as very greedy things when it comes to getting through electricity. Due to their lack of sufficient heat production I need to use convection heaters to supplement them. The convection heaters are even thirstier for electricity and so our winter electricity bills are very steep.

Finally, one of my pre-winter yearnings which I talked about yesterday has been made possible. In my organic fruit and vegetable box (again, more about that another day) yesterday I received two large oranges and a lime. Together with the large orange from last week’s box and a lemon which was hiding at the bottom of my fruit bowl, I have enough to make some three-fruit marmalade! I’m so happy! So that will be my task at the start of next week. Happy weekend!


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  1. I’ve been meaning to look into having our cavity wall insulation done, apparently you can get it done through Swalec. My grandparents had there’s done a few weeks ago, they live in a ground floor flat, they just had to get the upstairs flat to agree to it too.

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