Doodle a day, day 5

Today I got bored with the idea of plain pencil sketches and so I decided to venture into the world of colour. I also wasn’t sure whether I’d be able to get across the difference between a pear and a banana without the use of colour, and so that is why I broke open the tin of (very amateur) colouring pencils.

Once again, the photo of the picture doesn’t do even my modest effort credit, and I promise that in the next week I will try to find time to hook my scanner up to my laptop so that I can offer better representations of my drawings to you. The brown areas around the apples and plums (yes, that’s what they are!) are the paper bags in which they were delivered to me this morning (but more on my organic vegetable box another day – I’m trying to stay on topic for once!).

I’m reasonably pleased with the apples, and I like that by using some green on the underside of the bananas I was able to create the idea of depth (something else that doesn’t quite come across in this photo).

The fruit is in my blue spinwash bowl. This is only coloured on the inside though, and as the outside is white I probably would have done better to have picked a wicker or wooden basket for greater contrast.

Comments, questions, advice?!?


2 Responses

  1. I like the apple and I like the soft dreamy fruitbowl look.

  2. Thank you!

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