Piggy pictures

I went up to the farm yesterday to help out my good friend Jo (she’s my especially good friend at the moment as she left me a present of some very scrumptious apple raisin and cinnamon cookies which didn’t last very long once I got them home!) as she needed someone to feed the pigs. I’ve never been up there on my own before, and it was a really serene experience. It was really quiet and peaceful, and as it was a pleasant day weatherwise it was such a lovely place to be. I was met by the resident dog, Fab, who then kept me company all the time I was there! I fed all of the pigs and most of the piglets, and even slipped Tia and her piglets an apple as an extra treat (but we won’t tell Jo that in case I get into trouble!!) And so to the photos.

I love this picture of Harold. He is three months old and classed as a weaner, although I’m not sure what he thinks he is – somewhere between piglet, puppy and human, judging by his attitude! Look at the length of his eyelashes and eyebrows – such a pretty boy pig! I tried really hard to get a good picture of him, and if someone had had a camcorder there a few good comedy clips might have been forthcoming. Harold is a very inquisitive pig and he loves me, even when I have no food!Ā These facets of his make up combined makesĀ it very hard to get him far enough away from my camera lens to take a good picture! I spent a good ten minutes trying to get him to stay on one side of his enclosure while I ran to the other (no mean feat in wellies through mud, I can tell you), turned round and tried to focus and take a picture before he caught me up! Well, he thought it was great fun, and I think he now has the grounding to play a mean game of tag.

This is Curly (or Wurly, I’m not really sure which is which, but they were both cute and this was the only one awake so she’s being called Curly for now!). She is one of Scrumpy’s new piglets, born last week. I went to sit with them in their ark while Scrumpy had her lunch and while the others slept peacefully on, Curly roused herself just enough to gaze at the camera curiously with one eye. She is leaning on either Bubble or Squeak (again, you’d have to ask Jo!) and the other two piglets are just off to the right of the shot, in a sleepy heap.

As you would guess if you have been reading this blog with any regularity recently, I have a soft spot in my heart for Fergie, Tia’s little ginger piglet who is the runt of the family. She seems to be eating reasonably well now, but is still a long way behind her siblings in terms of growth, strengthĀ and energy. However, I had a lovely cuddle with her while I hand fed her some pig nuts, which she seemed quite grateful for as the other piglets (who are twice her size) kept pushing her away from the food which I had put on the ground for all of them. This picture shows mother and daughter as Tia had finished her own lunch at this point and was ‘helping’ the piglets out with what was left of theirs! Fergie was the only piglet she let this close to her while she was eating, and I love the fact that Tia’s ear could prove a handy sun shelter for Fergie if we get some moreĀ hot weather in the near future!

And finally here’s Jo’s darling, Bailey. Doesn’t he look threatening! In reality, you can just about see that he’s sitting down like an overgrown labrador and he has his mouth partly open because he was waiting patiently for me to give him some carrots which Jo had left for Brini and him to have a snack lunch! He is so soft. He actually snapped at Brini when she went to pick up a bit of carrot which had dropped on the floor, but then she told him off and he wandered off, grunting apologies and hanging his head in shame! He came back up to her a few seconds later and was trying to win her back round but she was having none of it and turned her back on him – it’s obvious who wears the piggy trousers in that pen!


2 Responses

  1. They are gorgeous. Glad to hear Fergie’s doing better now.

  2. I believe the pink piglet is Wurly, as she usually has a dirty nose (no, I have no idea why or how) but a rear view is really necessary as Curly’s curly tail is no longer curly…

    Cheers for looking after them, glad you enjoyed the cookies!!

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