Doodle a day, 18th September

You can tell that I’m still in the early stages of this experiment because I’m still doing my doodles in the mornings. When I start to get bored and wish I’d not started it, the doodles will be done later and later in the day until I’m dashing something off before I go to bed! However, thanks to the wonders of speakerphone I drew today’s offering whilst chatting with my parents this morning. First of all, here is a (very bad) photo of the arrangement I tried to draw;

Bear in mind that this was not quite the angle at which I drew it, and that I’ve not yet reached the tutorials covering shading so I was just required to draw a basic outline of the containers. And here is today’s doodle;

Despite my Dad’s ideas about drawing, I made extensive use of my eraser as otherwise my drawing would have represented nothing more than a bale of hay! I’m still not very pleased with the curves I had to draw, although the proportions and dimensions aren’t too bad. I’m looking forward now to getting to the shading in stage, but one step at a time. As my mother said this morning, I won’t get to be Michaelangelo in a week!


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