Doodle a Day

During my teenage years I never enjoyed art in school. I was musical as opposed to artistic and dreaded my weekly art lesson. When I was fourteen and had the opportunity to drop art as a subject I did it with great happiness. However, all through my teenage years I saw my mother and father spending time painting and drawing, improving with every new project and really enjoying it. I told myself that I can’t draw and left it at that, with a vague sense of sadness that this hobby would never be one that I could share with them.

My parents (especially my father) have always maintained that you don’t need a special gift in order to be able to draw, just the patience and the perseverance to regularly practice and a thick enough skin to be able to ignore the failures or at least put them down to experience and be able to move on. Despite running a mile from formal art lessons I have always envied those who I perceived to have a talent for art. It seems like such a peaceful and relaxing pastime; something that you could do to take your mind off any worries you might have and just revel in the marks on the paper, the colours on the canvas.

So, with this in mind, and with the words of my parents ringing in my ears (see, I do listen!), I am planning a project. I am hoping that some of you might be interested enough to join in with me, especially people like myself who have always thought of themselves as highly unartistic. However, I will welcome all companions on my experiment. It will be called ‘Doodle a Day’ and is just that. I plan to draw something, no matter how small or insignificant, with whatever time I can spare each day even if that is only ten minutes. I will initial and date my work and then (here’s the brave bit) I will photograph it and post it here. Initially I plan to run this experiment for a month, and I am hoping by the end of the month to have a noticeable improvement in my drawing abilities. So, anyone up for it? It needn’t be an expensive experiment; all you will need as a minimum is a pad of paper (preferably A4, I am told), a pencil, an eraser and ten minutes each day to attempt to sketch something. If you will be taking part with me, post a comment and then keep us updated as to your progress over the weeks. It needn’t just be for novices like myself either. Perhaps you used to do a lot of drawing or painting but circumstances have conspired to stop you being so creative. You could use this month to brush up your skills and dust off your sketching materials. And if you come along to ‘Doodle a Day’ after I’ve started, don’t let that (or my awful drawings!) put you off, just hop on and join in with me.

I’ve even made a nice little button for you to put on your sidebar (or wherever you fancy really!) if you are taking part in this challenge. The URL for the image is below;

and the code for the button is this;

<a href=””><imgsrc=“=alt”Doodle a day at Jennieworld Today”></a>

However, please bear in mind that I have never made a button before, have never written a piece of code and so it may not work! And in case you’re interested, the picture on the button is a view over Salzburg in Austria which I photographed last December. This is the sort of picture that I would draw if I were able, which is why I picked it for my button. Who knows, maybe after a few (or a lot of) weeks of this experiment I’ll be able to produce a recogniseable copy of my photo. Here’s hoping!

There we are, once I hit my ‘publish’ button, I will be committing to sitting down at some point today and drawing something so that tomorrow morning I will be able to share with you the (quite possibly hideous!) results of my labour! Keep your fingers crossed that my pencils don’t end up thrown out of the window.

17 Responses

  1. I’ll join you, it was the sort of thing I was aiming to do when I got all my sketch books out a few weeks ago, I lasted a week and I haven’t done anything for a few days, but I’ll give it a go. Can’t wait to see what you draw.

  2. I can, I am having to work really hard to persuade myself that this isn’t a lost cause before I even start! My main problem is that I have no patience, and if I’m not good at something immediately I’m not really interested. So this is an experiment to test the limits of my patience as well as my creativity!

  3. Go on then, why not?! I’ve always been terrible at anything artistic but, like you, have always wished I could draw something, anything!!

  4. Cool! I’ll expect to see my button on your sidebars then! I spent time doing that, you know, choosing fonts, positioning text boxes and stuff!

  5. I would put it in my sidebar but I have absolutely no idea how to do it. I’m just trying to decide what I’m going to doodle first.

  6. As I am being blamed for all this, I suppose I had better join in as well!

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  8. Yes, I am going to have a go at that.. maybe not every day.

  9. my first one is up on (ouch!). I recommend any books by Lee J Ames, he makes everything simple. Most art books are really scary and puts you off.

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  15. I have just done a bicycle light that looks like a brick:-)

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  17. I want to be a part of this, Jennie. I tried to post earlier but it wouldn’t let me. =(

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