Doodle 1 and 2, day 1

So, earlier today I introduced my Doodle a day idea. I have done two very quick sketches of trees.

The first doodle is of a single tree, but the size of it got away from me somewhat! I think I need to work on my sense of perspective. By the time I’d got to the fork in the trunk, I realised that the paper was several sizes too small but decided to plod on with it anyway.

The second one was vaguely of our next door field where we used to live. However, it’s very 2D and the trees are far too uniform. I quite like the grass in the foreground though! (I’m looking for the positives!!) Anyway, I think tomorrow I’ll go totally back to basics and do the simplest thing I can find. So, any suggestions as to what I should try would be appreciated. I think it’ll need to be a real thing, but whether I should draw from a photo or whether I should draw something that’s in front of me I don’t know.

I apologise for the poor quality of the pictures. I need to sort out my scanner so that I can use that more regularly. Or, I need to clear enough space in front of the window and try to get some daylight on the pictures! Anyway, as promised, this is the first in a month long series of daily attempts to embarrass myself. Although right now I’m wondering whether it would have been quicker and less painful just to have said I’d strip off and run around Tesco car park.


3 Responses

  1. Well done – you have made a start. I have set myself some “ground rules” so that I don’t get too carried away.
    1/ Draw household objects rather than from photos.
    2/Set a time limit each day (10-30 minutes) and stick to it.
    3/ Concentrate on main outlines followed by shading – I don’t expect to get further than that within the time limit.
    Oh, and forget Tesco’s car park!

  2. Erm, I made a footprint in the mud? Does that count? I will start soon, promise!!!!!!

    Though I suspect your idea and my idea of not being artistic maybe quite different…

  3. Have done the first doodle – what have you go me into this time?!!

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