Where were you when…?

I saw this Meme on Jo’s site and thought I’d nick it! It’s fairly straightforward and self explanatory, so I’ll just dig in.

Princess Diana’s death – 31 August 1997

I was going to London to visit my brother in law to be with my then boyfriend (now husband) and my Dad had just dropped me off at Boyfriend’s house so that we could go and get a train to London. Boyfriend’s father hurried out of the house saying that the news was reporting a fatal accident involving Princess Diana in Paris and that all the normal programmes had been suspended. We went past Harrods the next day and saw the piles and piles of flowers and tributes gathered all the way outside the store.

Margaret Thatcher’s resignation – 22 November 1990

I was at school, hadn’t long started high school and so I don’t remember much about this. I just remember my Mum being pleased and Dad being unhappy about it, and watching the news coverage of her leaving number 10 Downing Street and crying on her way into the car.

Attack on the twin towers – 11 September 2001

I was shopping in Cardiff with my baby boy, buying a graduation present for a friend. I went into an independent clothes shop and the assistants were gathered around a tiny TV screen talking about terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. I wanted to get home quickly (husband had the day off and was at home) so I ran to the bus station, picking up a special issue of the South Wales Echo on the way, went home and sat in front of the television for most of the rest of the day, glued to BBC News 24. It really did take a while for the enormity of what had happened to sink in. I remember the panic then of everyone thinking that attacks on the UK would follow straight afterwards, and worrying about the world that I had brought my baby boy into.

England’s World Cup Semi Final v Germany in – 4 July 1990

I can honestly say that I have no recollection of this – I would have been just about to leave primary school. I remember doing projects at this point in time for the Olympic Games (in Atlanta, was it?). I can also remember a school picnic at about this time into local forestry where someone dropped their brace (for their teeth!) into the river! Football has never, I’m afraid, been a major part of my life!

President Kennedy’s Assassination – 22 November 1963

As with Jo, this was a little bit before my time, and so you’d have to ask my Mum and Dad where I was on this date!


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