Another trip to the farm

Yesterday we went back up to the farm to visit the pigs and chickens (and Jo, of course, although I think she was, in all honesty, a bit of an afterthought for the boys!). And my goodness, those piglets have grown! All except Fergie, bless her, who hasn’t been very well and so hasn’t managed to put on the weight that her siblings have.

You can see Fergie (the ginger piglet) on the left in the above picture, and I think you can see that she’s smaller than the other piglets.

This one is an action shot, as after their meal the piglets started going completely crazy and rushing about, round and round their enclosure! That is why Pinky (or Perky, I can’t quite tell them apart yet) is slightly blurred – she was just moving too fast! Good old Tia though, seemed quite unpeturbed by the piglets’ excitement, and carried on looking for the pig nuts which had dropped out of her feeding bowl!

Jo has taught her adult pigs to sit down before she gives them treats(!) and so here is Bailey, the softest boar you’ll ever meet, sitting and practically begging for some courgette that Jo had brought for him! He is the nicest tempered animal you could ever hope to meet.

And finally, here are the latest additions to the South Wales menagerie – the chickens. Including the three growing chicks who are pictured on the ramp in this photo, she has eleven chickens overall. Once more the boys really enjoyed visiting and petting the animals and watching the piglets grow. No photos today of Scrumpy, who is due to give birth to her piglets sometime in the next couple of weeks, or of Harold or Brini, but I’ll make sure to share some photos after our next visit. Harold in particular has become my friend (as I gave him his dinner bowl today, and as we all know, the fastest way to a man’s heart is through his stomach!) and I’ve promised him that I’ll go back soon and take him some apples for a treat.

It was such a treat for us all to be able to go up to the farm again. The rain stayed away today (quite a shock recently when that happens!) and it was husband’s first trip to the farm. He was very impressed with the pigs, especially the speed of the piglets and the happy temperament of all the animals.


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