Six years ago today…

…was one of the three most significant days of my life. The other two are of course the days on which my children were born. The one to which I am referring is my wedding day.

All day I’ve been thinking about what I would have been doing at that exact moment six years earlier. It started early this morning when I remembered taking food to my friends’ houses for them to prepare for my reception – cheese and pineapple to my best friend and chief bridesmaid’s house; sandwich fillings to Nicky’s house for her and Linda to fill the bread that Nicky so kindly provided; fruit (by the sack load!) to my mother in law’s house where she and half a dozen other people (including the groom, by the way!) spent the morning cutting it into suitably sized pieces to form fruit kebabs. Then I got some laughs from the hairdressers by taking my breakfast bagel with me to the salon (cheese salad – it went well with the champagne they provided!), especially when they realised that I’d brought that but left my tiara and veil at home. Dad was promptly dispatched to fetch it, while I (to the hairdresser’s despair) dashed to the florist’s shop next door to buy fresh gypsophila to decorate my bridesmaids’ hairstyles.

I managed to get through the rest of my hairdressing appointment without incident and then went to pick up the wedding flowers. This was back in the days before we owned our own car, so myself and my sister in law were standing on the side of the road waiting for my Dad to collect us whilst clutching boxes and buckets of flowers! I was also wearing the very fetching combination of jeans and a lumberjack shirt, which as you can imagine went really well with my hairdo and veil! We got more than a couple of glances from passing motorists! Dad delivered us back home, where we discovered that we had nearly three hours to kill before the ceremony. My sister in law suggested that we should watch a film (I think she was expecting me to get an attack of the nerves) and so I put on the tremendously appropriate Julia Roberts film, “Runaway Bride”! Her face was a picture when she saw my choice of movie! Then, I took it into my head to make myself a handbag with the material left from my wedding dress and the boys’ waistcoats – again, my sister in law couldn’t credit what she was seeing when I got out my needle and thread! But I did have a simple clutch bag to use (white duchesse satin with a lilac satin lining) which was very useful. Then my chief bridesmaid appeared, dressed and ready to go but for make up. Now, I should point out at this point that I’m not a particularly girly girl when it comes to getting ready to go anywhere. Generally, clean clothes, brushed hair and some lipgloss sees me out of the door quite quickly. However, both of my bridesmaids take significantly longer than I do to get ready to go out, and so from half past one onwards they were pestering me to get my dress on and make up done. I knew full well that it would take me all of quarter of an hour tops to get ready (seeing as my hair was already done and didn’t need brushing!) and that was allowing extra time for my dress to be arranged and done up. Besides, at this point I hadn’t finished making my handbag and I was very clear that there was NO WAY I was leaving this project unfinished! So, at half past two I condescended to start to get ready. My mother had arrived by this time, and was looking forward to getting me into my dress. By quarter to three I was ready and waving off my bridesmaids who were going to be chauffeured to the church by my brother in law, who had borrowed a posh car for the occasion! My father drove me to the church in his black BMW, suitably polished and decked out with white ribbon. And then we arrived at the church and headed inside to the sound of the bells and organ to meet my husband to be at the altar.

I think that is enough of the story of my wedding day for now – it’s already too long, but you can’t expect a girl to skimp on the details of her wedding day, can you? It’s like birth stories – every gory detail needs to be mulled over (don’t worry – I’m not planning on doing that to you any time soon!) and recorded for posterity. As you will see, I’ve posted a picture of myself on my wedding day outside the church. Feel free to admire my dress – my very talented Mum made it for me. I picked out the pattern (which said ‘difficult’ on the packet, I should clarify) and Mum said that it looked simple enough and would be fine. I think she regretted her blase acceptance of the mammoth task later on when she realised that she had about fifty pieces of net to sew into my underskirts, all of which looked remarkably similar but needed to go in very specific places! But despite this, the dress was amazing, and just what I wanted. Because of my wonderful mother, my dress cost just over £100 where I couldn’t even have got a shop bought dress that I didn’t particularly like very much for less than £500. So once more I’d like to thank her for such a superb display of her talent as a seamstress! And also for not charging me for the many many hours of work which went into it!


4 Responses

  1. Happy wedding anniversary 🙂

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary 😀

  3. /blush

    A belated happy congratulations, even though I saw you yesterday… My most humblest apologies for having such a rotten memory!

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary. You look lovely in your photo.

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