First anniversary of the month!

September is a month of anniversaries in our family. And the first one, not generally celebrated, is today. Five years ago today I passed my driving test. From today, I can say that I’ve been driving for five or more years, rather than having to remember the number of years and months each time I apply for car insurance. Yay! And, today I remembered (for the first time in five years) the exact combination of wheel turns required for a perfect example of a parallel parking manoeuvre! I think that at this, the five year mark, my stress-related amnesia relating to parallel parking may have lifted!

This probably isn’t the sort of thing that the daughter of a former driving instructor should admit to, but let me reassure you by saying that generally I believe that my driving abilities are deemed acceptable by my passengers! I don’t get many people hanging on to the sides of the seats, and no-one has ever asked (yet) to be let out of the car prematurely. I think that these are probably fair indications.


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  1. You’re a very good driver and by the sounds of things, you can remember far more about the Highway Code than me. (If anyone from my insurance company is reading this, I am, of course, just joking. Hee hee)

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