Am I too negative?

This is a rhetorical question; I neither expect nor want a multitude of commenters telling me that yes, my views on life are as miserable as sin and I have indeed inspired many of my readers to buy illicit supplies of valium online in order to restore their pre-Jennieworld equilibreum. However, I will accept as many reassurances that I bring a bright and sunny beam of light into your day as you are able to provide. And none of the sarcasm (JMCS – I am full naming you,¬† you know who you are!), I was a sunshine Brownie long long ago, and so I know that at some point I did in fact bring joy to people’s lives!

The reason for the above paragraph¬†is that I have had a fairly negative outlook on life recently (the rain SUCKS!) and was a bit worried that it had filtered through to my blog. As I am (obviously, given the unnoticed spelling mistakes in my posts) far too lazy to read back through my offerings over the last couple of months I thought that I would apologise here just in case and let you all know that I intend to try to be more upbeat from now on. I intend to be like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and be glad about everything. I’m sure that I can cast a positive slant on many more things than I do. I have experience of this already from the times¬†when I have had¬†to make something more appealing for my children. For example (and all parents will recognise this one), my children are now fully on the bandwagon with the ‘fruit and vegetables make you fit and healthy’ mantra, and will¬†chant that at¬†me before I need to remind them of that now. In fact, if I put an unrecognised¬†meal down in front of them, they ask before they start eating exactly what about the meal is going to make them fit and healthy! But I digress…

As I said, I want to take the positives out of the things that happen to me, rather than fixating on the (sometimes more obvious) negatives. So, where to start? OK, example no. 1, my children go back to school this week. Now, I am aware that many (if not most) parents are down on their knees right now¬†thanking the Lord that their six week purgatory is over. I, however, seem to be in the minority of parents who actually enjoy spending time with their children. I know this may come as a shock to some of you, and I will admit readily that there are of course times when I wish that I was a trained hypnotherapist and could send them off to sleep with a single click of my fingers. However, on the whole they are a pleasure to be with. I certainly laugh more when I am with them than when I am not, and I enjoy seeing the world through their eyes (for instance when they saw Jo’s pigs for the first time last week – adults could definitely learn from the joy that children take in encountering new things). I’m digressing again, and once more I apologise. The way that I plan to cast a positive spin on their returning to school is by thinking about how much housework and decorating I should be able to achieve between the hours of 9am and 3pm. Not to mention that I will have blogging time uninterrupted with running commentaries on games they are playing, or requests of adjudication for fights they are having!

The rain. This one is harder. I have written at some length about my boredom with our wet climate. I’m dying to get out on my bike but¬†I still can’t bring myself to get out in the pouring rain, the like of which we have been putting up with for the last few weeks. Yes, I have waterproofs, but I take no pleasure on cycling¬†in wind and rain and so, for now, I won’t be. However, there is a time when I can enjoy the rain. When I am driving at night and it is raining, I love (when stopped at a red light) to lean forward and gaze up at the rain falling. This is especially good if there is a street light nearby and you can see the light¬†reflecting in the drops. When you look up at it like this it is quite mesmerizing; it appears to me like confetti or petals¬†floating down from the sky. I am¬†glad also that we will not have a hosepipe ban this year, and that the reservoirs and ground water will be very nicely topped up, especially as there were concerns about this two years ago in the news. Shouldn’t think they have much to worry about on that front now!

I think that those two things are a good start on my feeling glad approach for Autumn. Feel free to add any thoughts of your own about why you might be feeling unexpectedly glad. ¬†As I think of more I will post again. I’m trying my hardest to think of a reason that I should be glad that I’m dieting, but that one is going to take some more thought. All help appreciated! And I’m not talking long term optimism along the lines of lower cholesterol, longer life expectancy etc, I want to feel glad about my diet NOW! I’d feel glad that I’m saving money by not buying junk food, but fruit, veggies and lean meat are expensive so that won’t work. I suppose I could feel glad that I’m setting my children a healthier example of how to feed your body, but that’s not a strong enough glad-feeling for me (what an awful mother I am!). Neither is the thought that I am losing weight each week glad-inspiring enough. I¬†am aware of¬†that and, sad as it may seem, the novelty of my success is starting to wear thin. I am fast approaching the 7 week itch, the point in my diet where I start to slip. But that’s a topic for another day. Help me, cyber buddies! You’re my only hope! Sorry for the really bad Princess Leah/Star Wars paraphrasing – I think that indicates that it’s time for me to get to bed and recharge my glad batteries.


2 Responses

  1. “thinking about how much housework and decorating I should be able to achieve between the hours of 9am and 3pm”

    I???? Is that the un-Royal “I”, perchance? ūüôā

    As for the healthy choices being expensive, haven’t you got any friends who would be more than will to exchange the fruits of their labours for some assistance with said labours? You know, the kind of friend who is setting up a vegetable garden and is already well along the way to producing some meat of pork and chicken varieties, not to mention the expectation of fresh eggs….

  2. The short answer = no.
    The longer answer = but if you are, you can blame me. And that should make you glad.

    Dad xxx

    ps. but you ARE thinner!

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