Sweets and candy – are they gluten free?

This post is both a bit of a rant and a call for help! I went shopping for my best friend’s mother’s birthday present today, thinking to get her a box of sweets and had a really hard time. You see, she has recently been diagnosed with coeliac disease and I was (naturally) eager to buy something which wouldn’t make her ill! She loves all kiddy sweeties like love hearts, parma violets, marshmallows etc, so I looked at the big packs of Swizzel Matlow sweets first – there was absolutely nothing on them to indicate whether or not they were gluten free. So I moved on to the boxes of chocolates; Milk Tray, Celebrations, Roses etc. Once more, therre was nothing on the labels to guide me as to the right and safe chocolates to buy. So I gave up in disgust, came home and went online to seek help and inspiration! I found that the Cadbury’s website was very helpful, giving an exhaustive list of all gluten free products in their range. Swizzel Matlow wasn’t so helpful, not even a website on display, let alone dietary information for their products. And I couldn’t find information elsewhere about their sweets. Are there any websites out there that any of you know of where I can find guidance for the future present purchases?

Oh, and today I bought a box of Cadbury’s Milk Tray and a box of gluten free luxury biscuits from Sainsbury’s (although they weren’t made by Sainsbury’s – I can’t remember the brand). They both were accepted with appreciation, and my children helped make a dent in the box of Milk Tray before we left to come home for bed!


4 Responses

  1. I would have thought that this sort of thing would be right up your street!

  2. I’ll have to give this a go – I’m sure that my friends wouldn’t mind being experimented on!

  3. Don’t know what you mean 🙂

  4. We’ve got a family member who is gluten free. I know from her experience that Marshmallows are mostly not gluten free.

    For some strange reason the sugar powder they are dusted with contains gluten.

    Also most thickening agents contain gluten so things like soy sauce that seem innocent enough are not. 😦

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