Meet the piglets!

We’ve had a lovely day today. We went up to the farm and met Jo’s pigs, and the week old piglets!

Look at them all – aren’t they cute! Their names are Itchy, Scratchy, Pinky, Perky, Fergie and Cookie.

I think this was the first time that I’d come this close to pigs and piglets, or at least it’s the first time in a lot of years. It was definitely my sons’ first meeting with pigs, and they loved it!

They really wanted to hold the piglets, but they (the piglets!) are a wriggly little bunch, so my older son agreed to the compromise of me holding Fergie (above) and he took the photo. Didn’t do a bad job, did he!

And finally, this is Bailey. He looks intimidating with his tusks, and his size, but he’s such a softie. I watched Jo making him sit down in order to be fed slices of apple, small piece by small piece!

We all had a really good time, getting into the pens with the animals and giving their backs a good scratch. My children, living in a city as they have all their short lives so far, haven’t had many opportunities to get up close to any animals, so I’m really glad for them to get this chance to meet and learn about animals. They’re both really keen to go back again to visit the pigs, which is great! More photo opportunities and more piglet-photos!


3 Responses

  1. I’m glad you all had fun down at the “muddy farm”, just wait until the chickens arrive! Especially as they are a variety of colours, from white to orange to purple!

  2. Aww those piglets are gorgeous!

  3. […] It’s not “the Good Life”. It’s bloody hard work and the results aren’t immediate. Dung smells, especially when you kneel it it by mistake. You don’t always have the luxury of hiding from bad weather and being cold and wet is just a fact of life. But it’s worth it, every second, when you have built up such a good relationship with one of your pigs that she lets you stay with her when she gives birth to a litter of squealing piglets. And because mum trusts you, they trust you and (most of the time!) are happy for you to pick them up for a cuddle. […]

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