What’s the deal with the Democrats?

I don’t totally understand American politics, although my understanding has improved dramatically since developing a passion for “The West Wing” (I know, educational!). However, it seems from this side of the pond that the Democratic party is totally divided over the Obama-Clinton for nominee argument.

It had to be hard that neither candidate seemed to leap ahead of the other. I think that because Hillary stayed in the running so long will prove a problem as it will probably make it all the more difficult for some of her supporters to vote for Obama. I have to be honest, I really thought that she would be the Democratic nomineeĀ until the votes fromĀ the primaries started coming in. Maybe our news coverage was biased towards her over here, as we are so aware of her husband and his abilities. But can Obama win? I’m not questioning his abilities or morality etc, as I really don’t know enough about him. But I thought that (from the way the media portrays the USA over here) there could be a problem, due to his ethnicity, with the hispanic vote. Don’t ask me why, but I really thought that Hillary Clinton would appeal to more voters. I thought that the first female candidate might encourage women who don’t usually vote to come out in support of her, as well as bringing out all of her husband’s supporters to vote her in. But maybe there are a lot of people who will come out in favour of an African-American candidate, to show to the world what a truly democratic countryĀ the USAĀ is.

It surprises me that this is the first time that there has been an African-American candidate for the presidency when you consider that research is pointing to the USA white community becoming the minority shortly. It had to be about time in the ‘land of the free’ for a candidate who was not wholly of white European descent to come to the fore. I’m looking forward to keeping abreast with the developments in the race for the White House. And it all makes so much more sense now that I’ve watched, memorised and obsessed over “The West Wing” for so long!


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  1. What has been interesting is how it is coming out that race is still an underlying factor for many people. I have heard personally from a couple of them.

    Part of Sen. Clinton’s problem may have been that just like you she assumed she would be the nominee.

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