More progress! And introducing Edward

As I shocked even myself with the plethora of weird things which were wrongly being stored on my computer desk yesterday, I felt obliged to come back today and tell you that all of my six weird things now have new and more suitable homes!

This is my bear Edward, given to me by my Dad when I was a day old. He lives with my mum and dad at the moment as I was worried that the destructive hands of my children might damage him if brought to live with us! I’m sure they wouldn’t really, they have a good feeling of respect towards other people’s posessions on the whole, but I’d be devastated if anything happened to Edward and so with my parents he will stay for a little while longer. Isn’t he gorgeous! My Dad is a firm believer that every child should have a teddy bear, which is why he was bought so soon after I was born. He probably would have been chosen on the very day of my birth except that I was born on a Sunday and the shops were shut! This bear has been through many things with me, receiving hair cuts when I didn’t want my hair cut, the fur on his feet was trimmed when I didn’t want my nails cut – poor long suffering bear! I love the look of Merrythought bears – just as a bear should look, I think. I know that long nosed bears may be more anatomically correct, but I just love the shape of Edward’s head. He’s bigger than my other bear. I think he was bigger than me when I was born, but then I was very small. I’ll have to ask Dad to scan on an early picture of Edward and I together, I seem to remember he looks huge in those photos!


One Response

  1. Glad to here you’ve tidied your things away.

    I’ve still got the bear from when I was a baby too, it’s currently in our suitcase, along with hubby’s bear, far away from little hands!

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