How do I recycle shredded paper?

This is my latest problem. I know I can put shredded paper out with my garden waste bin for the council to collect, but I’m generating quite a lot of it at the moment as I work my way through all of my old paperwork and I wish I could think of a better way to get rid of it. I have no pets to use it as bedding, and I don’t have my own garden to use it as composting material. Any ideas?


4 Responses

  1. Our local cat shelter is always looking for shredded paper.

    Maybe a animal rescue shelter near you or a pet shop?

  2. Good idea – thank you. I’ll have to google it and see what’s near to me. I’m thinking that I might save a bit of it and try making recycled paper with my sons – quite educational! But I shouldn’t need that much of it. I’ve got a pile of paperwork about three inches thick to shred now, with more to come. So unless I take up paper making professionally…!

  3. Offer it on Freecycle, I bet there’s loads of people on there that might want it for their hamsters or something. Making your own paper sounds fun too.

  4. I just typed in ‘shredded paper craft’ into google and loads of ideas came up. Also just thought you could save it and make a scarecrow or a Guy for Bonfire Night, or you could use it as stuffing for draft excluders.

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