Six weird things on my table

Earlier today I said that I would blog about six weird things on my table. I got this idea from Nancy at Homemade Blessings, who was in turn tagged by someone else. I’m wondering whether this is a bad idea, as it will definitely reenforce the impression which I created earlier today that I am somewhat…disorganised. My parents are laughing as they read this, as they will have less than fond memories of the state of my bedroom throughout my childhood! The table I have chosen is the computer desk in my bedroom, as that tends to be our ‘any port in a storm’ dumping ground.


So, I suppose I should start the explanations. What I should tell you first is that it took me next to no time to choose items to photograph. Actually, I shouldn’t tell you that as it makes the portfolio of evidence building up against me all the more damning! Right, the candles. They were part of a display around my mother-in-law’s conservatory last Christmas. After being dismantled at Twelfth Night they lived in the boot of my car for a fair while, and have somehow been relocated to my computer desk. I expect that somewhere between now and next Christmas they will move out of the bedroom, although I’m not altogether sure where they are going.


The empty jar was put in my bedroom a long long time ago in order to collect copper coins together, rather than finding abandoned piles of small change dotted around the house. However, since then I have utilised a Winnie the Pooh money box for this purpose and so this has become redundant. The figure of the Doctor from Doctor Who has a hand missing, and has been sitting on my table for about a year waiting for me to find some glue and fix him (sorry!). The Mr Sheen bottle is there from an optimistic spring cleaning episode a while ago. Ironically, when you look closely at the bottle you will see a gentle dusting of…dust on top of it! So not such a successful spring clean then! And the bottle of Chanel. This was a present from my best friend Maria last Christmas, and it ended up on my computer desk after I got ready for my last evening out. As you can see the bottle never quite made it back to my bathroom cabinet (did I mention that I’m pathologically untidy?).

Finally, my bear. This teddy bear is called Bobby and he is a Merrythought bear. He was my wedding present from my husband, and what makes him even more special is that the two most important men in my life have now bought me Merrythought bears – my Dad bought me a Merrythought called Edward the day after I was born. Bobby sits on top of my computer desk until I get round to putting up some shelves in my bedroom, for the want of anywhere else better to live!


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  1. Your desk sounds like the top of my dresser! It is constantly getting piled up and when I get around to cleaning it I’m amazed at all of the crazy things I find. And I’ve got lots of those broken things waiting for someone to glue them back together – somehow it just doesn’t seem to ever make it to the top of the list – or the front of my brain!

    Thanks for the link!

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