How do we have so much stuff!

I spent the majority of yesterday (apart from a semi-break to half-watch “Run, Fat Boy, Run” while half heartedly working) sorting out stuff in our bedroom. We do still aim to move house at some point and buy something that is a more appropriate size for a four person family. With that in mind, we need to get rid of a lot of stuff so that potential buyers could actually get into the flat in the first place to look around! And yesterday, progress was definitely made. I got rid of seven and a half bags of random stuff that I don’t need any more. Where does it all come from?? Our bedroom is still not the perfectly ordered and serene place I dream of it becoming, and it scares me when I stop to wonder how many more bags need to go the good way before I can achieve this. And then I need to move on to the children’s bedroom.

*Note to self – don’t buy anything, ever again

This need to purge my home of stuff (there is no better word for it than that) actually supports my diet, in a weird roundabout way. If I lose weight my dress size will change. Therefore I’ll need to get rid of a lot of clothes which no longer fit. I don’t have the resources to replace all the clothes which I will discard and therefore I will have more room! Maybe I should buy all my clothes in shades of blue and lilac to ensure that they all coordinate. Hmm. Or maybe I should just buy a capsule wardrobe of jeans and white t-shirts – that seems to be my ‘uniform’ while the kids are in school.

Today I’m going to sort out things to be taken to the charity shop and old paperwork which needs to be shredded. We’ve decided to get rid of our computer desk, as we no longer use it. The problem with this is that it is quite literally buried at the moment, so I need to dig it out before I can ask the charity shop to come and collect it! Maybe I’ll do my six weird things on my table on that before I tidy it off – there is certainly a weird combination of items on its many surfaces!

Among the things I rediscovered whilst sorting out bags of stuff to take to the tip included;

  • a bag of single socks which I have been fully intending to pair up for the last few months
  • all of my badges from school (yes, I was ‘that girl’ – librarian, vice captain of my house, head girl etc)
  • A school photo of me and my class in 1988 – we were 9
  • The cards we were sent congratulating us on our wedding day
  • About 52 handbags
  • My wardrobe

So all in all, a good day with the reminiscing.

The more perceptive amongst you will have realised by now that my blogging every morning is a diversionary tactic, employed so that I can avoid doing anything actually constructive for a little bit longer. Having successfully gained an extra hour of sitting in bed time (I love laptops and wireless internet!) I suppose I should act my age and get up and do something. It comes to something when your kids are up a full two hours earlier than you – they are setting me such a good example!


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  1. Make the most of your extra time in bed, next week it’s back to getting up early and taking the kids to school.

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