Bob Humphrys – he even managed to get me interested in Sport!

I read today with sadness of the death of Bob Humphrys after suffering from lung cancer. He was diagnosed a few months ago, and you can see the article in which he announced the news of his diagnosis to the public here. I only found it today, after hearing about his death, and I find it an incredibly honest piece of writing, tugging at my emotions and really making me think about how I’d react to similar news. He hit the nail on the head when talking about BC (before confirmation) and AD (after diagnosis). I found the same thing when we found out about my father in law’s diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, although we only lived with the knowledge for four days before he died.

I’ve never been a sports fan, and yet his accounts on the BBC Wales news programmes of sporting results and fixtures always grabbed my atttention. He was a lively and engaging speaker, and personified the idea that an enthusiastic speaker can grab the most apathetic and indifferent audience – I am definitely both of those things when it comes to sports coverage!

I feel for his family, especially his children; his younger son will be receiving his GCSE results this week. I had no idea until today that he is John Humphrys‘ brother, and my sympathy goes out to him as well.


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