Update on the diet, end of week 3

I’m content! I’ve lost another 1.5lbs this week, bringing me up to a total of 7lbs or half a stone in three weeks! I’m a week ahead of my target to lose half a stone a month, so I can get stuck into next month’s half a stone a bit early!

I’m especially pleased as I had a slip on Saturday night and gave in to the temptation of Dominos Pizza. However, it was a slip not a slide as I managed to get it together before having lunch with my husband’s family yesterday – I only had a drop of gravy, lots of vegetables and no pudding. And then quiche and salad for tea. So I feel that I redeemed myself yesterday!

This week I’ll be happy with another 1.5lbs if that’s possible. I’m hoping that the weather will be better than last week so that I can get out with the children and go to the park a few times. They’re old enough now that I can take them swimming on my own, so I might try that either this week or next as well.

I’m so glad that my will power has kept up this week – it’s such a good feeling to see the chart going down!


4 Responses

  1. I admire your perseverance. Wish I had the same.

  2. Hiya Jennie, well done on your diet, keep it up. Just thought I’d let you know that you’ve inspired me to have a go at writing my own blog, and I’ve added you to my ‘blogroll’ hope that’s ok? Ruth

  3. Nice. Keep it up.

    What are you using for the graphing? Just curious. I’ve been using physicsdiet.com as a useful tool.

    Pizza… yum… in small doses. šŸ™‚

    Best wishes.

  4. I’ve used Physicsdiet as well, although I think it’ll be more useful once I start to plateau, so that I can see my overall progress rather than fixating on only my most recent results. I’ve got a Wii Fit which has graphs, and I’m enjoying watching the laine go down on that! Also I use Excel spreadsheets weekly to keep track of my progress and to set goals for the future. I’ve started a few diets over the past few years since having my children. I’m just trying to convince myself that I can keep to this way of eating and make genuine progress this time.

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