Postcards from the (unfinished) kitchen

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been helping my Dad to sort out their new kitchen. I thought I’d share some pictures of our progress with you. Firstly, here is a picture of the kitchen after we had finished stripping out the old units and plumbing. 

And here (you can see the improvement already) we have put in the corner unit, sink unit, sink and worktop (skilfully cut by Dad!) and the taps have been plumbed in by the plumber.

Finally, here you can see the author hard at work putting togather the final base unit, which shortly after this photo became the unit which is to hold the kitchen drawers. I haven’t talked to Dad today, so I don’t know what progress he has made without me, but I’m eager to see it and to help out more if I am able.

Don’t I look industrious! I should point out that the clutter in the background of the picture is extremely a-typical of my mother’s house, and is only there so that the kitchen could be emptied. She is really looking forward to putting all her kitchen implements and food back into the kitchen!

More photos to follow, as and when my Dad completes more parts of the project.


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