Kitchen installation

I’m sorry I’ve been quiet for a couple of days. I’ve been spending quite a lot of time at my parents’ house, helping (I optimistically like to think of it as helping anyway!) my Dad put their new kitchen together. They spent a while trying to find someone to install it for them, but were unsuccessful and so Dad decided to do all of it but the plumbing himself. I’ve been helping out with any lifting that has been too heavy for one person, reading instructions and offering moral support! Also, as I said to my Dad yesterday, a key role for me is listening to what he decides to do, and then remind him of what he decided when, five minutes later, he can’t remember! Senior moments, eh Dad! Bless!

Still, I’m really glad to be of help and have been enjoying the process (probably a lot more than Dad!) It’s lovely for me to be able to help now that they live nearby, rather than feeling helpless and annoyed that I couldn’t help when they lived a hundred miles away. Mum and I had a dash to Ikea last night for the various little bits and pieces which will finish off the kitchen (like a spice rack, kitchen towel holder etc) and next, Dad and I will be taking out the old sink unit and putting the new cupboards and worktops in, ready for the plumber to come and plumb in the taps. So exciting! It’s going to look really lovely and bright when it’s done. We’ll have to have an official kitchen opening party!

It has reassured me that I could probably manage a large amount of fitting a kitchen when we move house though. It costs so much to have a kitchen fitter come in and do it, so it’s good to know that, if we need a new kitchen, I’ll be able to save money by building the cupboards and fitting the worktop myself. Happy days! I’m never so happy as when I have a hammer and a screwdriver in my hand – I should have done an apprenticeship rather than a law degree. I would have been much better at it, and probably much more interested too!

I’ll try and get some photos of the next stage, so watch this space!


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