David Tennant in Hamlet

I was thrilled, recently, to be able to buy tickets to go and see Hamlet, starring David Tennant and Patrick Stewart, in London during Christmas week. I had to become a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company for a year in order to obtain tickets early, and I am so glad that I did as almost all of the tickets were sold out even then (that was about a month ago). However, my mother and I have our tickets now and are very excited that we will get to see this production. I haven’t been able to go to many major productions due to childcare issues and the costs of actually going, and my mother has found it difficult for some years as she was living in mid-Wales and it would have taken a good six or seven hours to get to London by train. But now she is living in Cardiff we are pleasurably anticipating being able to get to many more productions and events like this. Anyway, I digress…

Before I go on, I must admit to the teeniest, tiniest crush on Mr Tennant. I’ll not go on about that here, but suffice it to say that you shouldn’t expect a wholly unbiased view from me, although I promise I’ll do my best!

The BBC have today published a review of David’s Hamlet on their website as have the Times Online, both of which I am delighted to say were very very good. There are also a selection of videos on the subject (such as this one) which interview David, interview the director (Gregory Doran) and generally discuss the production and his success in the role. All of which is making me more and more excited to see it at Christmas time! What a Christmas present! I can’t wait to see it for myself and review it for you!

My sons are actually quite disappointed that they aren’t going, being such big Doctor Who fans, but I’ve promised them that when David next appears in a stage play which is a little more light-hearted than the story of the Prince of Denmark we will make every effort to all go to it.


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  1. I am incredibly jealous. Hope it is a great evening.

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