Family fun day

On Sunday we had our annual Summer Family Day provided by our employer. it was held in a hotel to the north of Cardiff and the kids had a great time. There were lots of things like inflatable slides for them to play on, and also the opportunity to get some football coaching from some people from Cardiff City ‘Bluebirds’. My kids aren’t generally interested in football at all, but they did both enjoy the training, and I’m trying to persuade my older boy to take up the offer of the free football coaching summer school day which has been offered to him. There was a barbeque for lunch, and also arts and crafts activities for the children. I must admit there wasn’t a great deal for the parents, but then we probably just enjoyed the chance to sit down and gaze across at the largely uninterrupted view of Cardiff (below).

I love looking at vistas like this one. Almost all the holidays I’ve been on, I end up coming back with pictures gazing at horizons like this. If you look very closely, in the middle and just to the right of the picture you can see the distinctive white poles on top of the Millennium Stadium, where our Relay For Life will be held in three weeks. The far horizon (the really pale grey above the water that could easily be a shallow band of cloud if you didn’t know better) is North Somerset, and you can also just make out the two islands in the Bristol Channel, Steep Holm (almost exactly in the centre) and Flat Holm (just to the left of Steep Holm). I think it’s a great view, although it would have been enhanced if it had been a lovely day with a clear blue sky!

I was also fascinated watching some bees gathering pollen from the lavender bushes at the back of the hotel. I tried several times to capture a picture of these busy little guys, but my ‘trigger finger’ was never quite fast enough to catch them at their pollen gathering. And so the little bee diving off the left of the above picture is the best I can offer! However, despite that, I do like this picture with the vibrancy of the orange flowers highlighting the subtlety of the lavender – not a colour combination which is often made, but here it seems to work.

Enough pondering from me, I have sorting to do. Another bag or two of surplus stuff has been sorted out for dispatch since the last time I mentioned it to you, and I hope to make more progress today.


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