My Big Summer Clear Out – part 2

Well, the Big Summer Clear Out is taking a little longer than initially anticipated. I didn’t get as much done as I thought last week because it was…sunny! And hot! Without rain! So I just couldn’t bear to stay inside for longer than I had to. I spent two days helping my mother in law with her garden, which I really enjoyed, and wandered about for a bit on the other days, making the most of the summer. And I think that was it, as it started to rain on Monday evening at 5pm precisely here in Cardiff, and has been reasonably miserable ever since! So if that was summer, it was lovely, and here’s to autumn!

Anyway, I did manage to clear out a fair amount of stuff, despite the lovely weather. So far, we have three bags of clothes for the salvation army bin, one bag of clothes for my mother in law’s friend’s daughter (don’t ask, very friend of a friend of a friend!)’s charity shop, one bag of recyclable rubbish and two bags of ‘normal’ unrecyclable rubbish as well as three big cardboard boxes and a spare sofa cushion (again, don’t ask!). So not bad, so far! Today I’ll have another go at the boys’ bedroom, and then I think I’ll try to make sense of the mountains of stuff in my bedroom, try to make it into more of a calm and serene environment rather than a jumble sale!

I’ll let you know how it goes, and whether I can see any more floor and wall space after I’ve done a few more hours! I have managed to make a bit more space in my shed though, which means that my bike basket and bags and helmets can go out there, which is a positive. So now I’ve just got to find room for the other three tons of stuff which should be in cupboards!


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