Relay For Life and positive response from fire fighters

Yesterday the children and I spent some time with two other members of the committee for Cancer Research UK Relay For Life Cardiff. I think I’ve mentioned that we’re all volunteers doing this event organising, and I think that we’re doing really well to stay positive despite what have been a succession of problems in the organising of our event in recent months. However, next year will be easier!

Anyway, we decided that yesterday we should visit some fire stations with the aim of trying to persuade firemen to take part in Relay For Life. We went first to Whitchurch Fire Station who, due to the short notice, didn’t think that they could help. However, they did point us in the right direction for people who wouldn’t be so tied up with other charitable works, and then they swept my boys away and into a fire engine, much to their delight! They were allowed to press the sirens on and off, and then were invited to open the main doors to the fire station! I think it really made their day!

After this we went to Central Fire Station which I think is the main fire station for Cardiff. Once again we were welcomed warmly, and here we received a very encouraging response. The fire fighters we talked with seemed very positive that they could get together a team for the event, and also a girl from the Fire Safety Unit was enthusiastic and promised to try to bring a team as well! And then, once again my boys were ushered away to play in one of the fire engines, and this time they were invited to have a go with the water hose! They quite literally bounced out of the fire station and back to the car!

Finally we visited Esporta fitness club in East Cardiff who were, once again, very enthusiastic. They took some posters to display as well as some flyers to offer to their members. They also said that they would try to organise some spin bikes to be at Relay For Life. This would be great as it would really reenforce our healthy living message that we hope to promote. We were told that Esporta sent a team to Race For Life, and so they were very likely to be able to send a team to Relay!

All in all, we had a very positive day, which was great after all the difficulties we have had to negotiate recently!


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