The Big Summer Clear Out

I am well known as being a hoarder. Also, my home is small. And I’m very untidy. These three facts do not happily coexist! Therefore, periodically I make an attempt to have a clear out. This coming week though, I plan to have my biggest and best go to date. The colour of our school uniform is changing from blue to red in September, and so together with all the t-shirts I’m getting rid of, I’ll be blessing the Salvation Army clothes bin with all their school jumpers! And while I’m at it, I’ll go through my older son’s clothes and weed out those things that don’t fit him any more (I’ve already done my younger son’s drawers). Then I need to move on to my clothes, and get my husband to do his, then I think it’ll be books and cds, dvds and videos that I’ll be scrutinising to see what is taking up unnecessary space! After all of that I plan to blitz my kitchen, as I’m sure I have loads of stuff I don’t use any more, as well as plastic boxes without lids and lids without boxes. Also it’s about time for me to go through my store cupboard so that I can see what exactly we have in there (usually about 6 tins of fruit cocktail and peach slices that I never remember buying amongst much more tinned and packet food!) and what needs ditching or using soon. Once that’s done, the bathroom cabinets will be decimated, and then my least favourite task – the toys. I find it very hard to get rid of toys. Mainly because they seem to play with everything, and also because they cost such a lot of money, it seems a shame to get rid of them. But I must be hard hearted and think how much better my house would feel clutter-free! I hope to post some pictures later in the week of my progress. Wish me luck!


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