Sponsored Walk on the Taff trail

I was apprehensive about the weather when I got up yesterday morning. it had been sunny while I enjoyed breakfast in bed, but then had clouded over considerably before I got dressed. I can’t think of many more miserable family activities than dragging a seven and a four year old four miles through a downpour when they would blatantly rather be spending the afternoon being spoiled by their Gu (short for Mamgu, Welsh for Grandmother). But I was lucky yesterday. The Angels smiled on our small fundraising venture and so at just after 2pm the four of us set off, after enjoying a delicious and robust Sunday Roast, from Llandaff Cathedral to walk the nearly four miles to the Millennium Stadium in aid of Cancer Research UK.

I decided to keep a photo journal of our walk, as much to prove that we had done it as for any other reason. Our brother in law gave us a lift to the Cathedral, and after a couple of photos of the children at the start of their walk, we set out. I admit, I did go a little bit crazy with the number of photos I took along the way, but better too many than too few! I’m just really glad that we have digital cameras now, otherwise my photo processing costs would be absurd. I’d have to take on another job to pay for it!

After a slight detour (a bit of a wrong turn which led to Pontcanna allotments) we soon found our way to the Taff Trail. As it was the first half decent day for ages, the trail was busy with plenty of cyclists and walkers enjoying the sunshine. I love rivers, so this was a really nice walk for me. On this part of the Taff Trail you stay within sight of the river for almost the whole way.

We strode out, with only a couple of short stops for drinks (during one of which, youngest son decided to sit in an anthill – you can imagine the panic which ensued! However, all was well and the offending insects were quickly brushed off) and made really good time.

Only an hour and twenty minutes after starting out we were within sight of our goal. Now, we had allowed two hours for the walk, bearing in mind the (lack of) length of the children’s legs, and so as we had arranged to meet my parents to celebrate finishing the walk, we decided to have a bit of a sit down in Bute Park in the sunshine so that we wouldn’t be too early! And so, just over one and a half hours after setting out, we crossed the (imaginary) finish line and went for celebratory pancakes with my parents! The final total for sponsorship has yet to be received, but they definitely raised in excess of £200! Not bad for two small children!


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