My latest craft project – what do you think?

This is a small bag which I made yesterday from plarn – do you know what that is? I only heard the term yesterday, and it’s a new word which I’m hoping will take off and become widespread. It is yarn created by artfully cutting up plastic grocery bags into long strips. I’ve then adapted a pattern I found at to make it a fair bit smaller and also circular as opposed to the more traditional grocery bag shape. It didn’t take that long to make the actual bag, it was the cutting of the plastic bags which took the time. I think this bag used about four carrier bags (from Sainsburys, in case you don’t recognise the distinctive orange colour!) and as you can see, is able to hold six apples and two lemons. My idea in making this small bag was to create something that people could use to carry small purchases. Some of my friends and I are hoping to have a cake stall at a local fete soon to raise money for Cancer Research UK Relay For Life Cardiff, and I thought that maybe people could be persuaded to buy these to carry their cakes home in! I wouldn’t charge very much, but every little bit of fundraising helps, and I have lots of carrier bags which I could recycle in this way. I’m also working on a full sized grocery bag made from plarn, but more on that in a later post.

Another project of mine in the offing is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, but I was kickstarted into action by Firefly (again, she has a lot to answer for!) and her 1bag campaign. You can sign up for that here. It appears that in America there isn’t yet the movement towards reusing carrier bags and having reusable bags full stop that we have here in the UK (tell me if I’m wrong!). Many of our supermarkets now offer rewards if you take bags with you to the shop rather than having new ones each time. Anyway, she is promoting the fact that using just one reusable bag a week would save 52 bags a year, and asks us to imagine how many bags could be saved if all of us took part in this. So, I’ve dug out some dishcloth cotton yarn I had in my cupboard and have started my very own 1bag. It’s still a WIP (work in progress) but here’s the base just before I started working on the sides. More photos to follow as it grows…

It is made, as I said, from cotton yarn in dk weight, using a size 9 or 3.5mm crochet hook. The pattern is the one I mentioned previously which I found at Looking at this photo, I think I did a couple more rounds before I started on the sides. I love crocheting. I find it a very relaxing craft, and satisfying because it comes together so quickly.

7 Responses

  1. I love you little plarn bag … the size is so perfect for produce! Pretty color too!

    I’m so happy to know that you are creating a 1Bag of your own. It will be great to see the results!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Your plarn produce bag is wonderful! Aren’t these bags fun to create? Keep up the great work.

  3. I did enjoy creating it, and look forward to trying bags from other shops and seeing the results! However, I am at present trying to convince my husband to do the cutting up of the carrier bags as I find that very boring! I’m sure he’ll help though, especially as the bags are intended to raise money for charity. I’ve got a stockpile of carrier bags to use up from my ‘pre reusable bags’ days, so hopefully I’ll get lots made in the next few weeks.

  4. Hi Jennie,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog site. You should give the vcr tape a try. It is a bit harder than the plarn but looks very unique when crocheted. I wanted to share with you a tip on cutting up those bags. I use the big paper cutter at work and it works wonderful to quickly cut the strips for making plastic bag yarn. It really speeds up the time for creating the plarn. Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers for me too. I so appreciate it.

  5. It is so fabulous to see people knitting with Plarn and I love the idea! I am working on creating enough Plarn that I can start making my own bags (really want to try a messenger bag first) and in putting the plarn together I got this fabulous idea for a Knit Revolution. Check out my blog if your interested. I’m hoping to create a blog of all your plarn creations a way to follow them as you give them away or use them yourself at various locations. I’d love to introduce plarn bags to people outside the knitting, crocheting, and spinning circles. They just don’t know what their missing. Thank you so much for being one more person to try it out and recycle those lovely plastic bags!

  6. I also created a plarn bag. I enjoyed learning about recycling plastic bags into plarn. Read about my plarn adventures on my blog here:

  7. Love the bag! I just posted a placemat project crocheted from plarn, really cute!

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