Monthly stats update – June 2008

I know, I said that I’d be doing this every month when I first did it at the start of May, and then I forgot at the start of June! However, I mean well and so I’m getting back on board with the recording of my monthly stats now. Here are the results of the Cardiff jury for June!

Jennieworld Today had 1772 views recorded by WordPress, although there’s no facility to record how many people read my feed, so this may be a little inaccurate.

The top ten most popular posts for June were;

Title Views  
Birthday time again! 772 More stats
Tardis birthday cake 178 More stats
Cakes and cookies 156 More stats
Medieval day out! 114 More stats
Birthday cake again! I love Jane Asher! 102 More stats
Birthday (un)party and the excitement wh 87 More stats
Menuhin Competition Cardiff 2008 – Openi 19 More stats
Social study and charity volunteer work 15 More stats
Aberaeron Comprehensive School – Ysgol G 15 More stats
Cycling in Cardiff 13

The top ten search terms used to find my blog were;

Search Views
birthday cakes 266
birthday cake 191
pirate cake 47
tardis 38
jane asher cakes 38
tardis cake 35
cake 29
medieval battle 23
pirate cakes 23
treasure chest cake 18

I was disappointed to note that there were no really odd search terms used to find my blog; the oddest was “lego titanic” and was actually used by five people!

These stats are pretty good I think given that I was conspicuous by my absence last month. Obviously the baking items were proportionately more popular given the small amount of new content I had on display to tempt readers. I’d love to know how many regular readers I have though. I know it can’t be many, but the search results and the number of views don’t quite tally so there must be a few of you who come back for more from time to time! Whoever you are, thank you! And if you’d like to de-lurk and post a comment so that I can see who you are and where you are from (and what brought you here in the first place) then that would be lovely!


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