My little pavement buddy!

This may seem like a strange picture to post, but I thought I’d share it with you today. I was sitting on the steps outside a Cardiff office block recently, and this little guy/girl (do lady-ladybirds look different to gentleman-ladybirds?) came trundling past. Given that there was no greenery within twenty or thirty yards I’ve no idea why he stopped by me, but he did and I felt the need to take his picture. The photo doesn’t really do credit to the glorious scarlet of his wing cases, or to his glossiness, but this was the best that I could do. Thinking back, I must have looked really miserable for that five minutes, as I spent the whole time observing him as he paraded past me. Then I must have looked completely crackers when I took my camera out and, to all intents and purposes, took a picture of the pavement! It’s a wonder that a padded van didn’t dash up and carry me off really! 

I’ve had two more extra days at work this week, and yesterday (a really lovely hot and sunny day) myself and the committee chairman spent a couple of hours around Cardiff spreading the word about Cancer Research UK Relay For Life in Cardiff (30/31 August in the Millennium Stadium, in case you haven’t read my other post about it!). We visited a fair few offices and made a good start with distributing posters and leaflets about the event, and we are hoping to visit some businesses in Cardiff Bay soon. I’m looking forward to the teams beginning to register in the next week or two, so that we know we’re on the right path to hosting a great first year Relay For Life.


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