I’m fashionable! (or at least, I might be, one day!)

I was reading the latest posts on my WordPress tagsurfer and I came across this post by Ms Single Mama, linking to this article on Problogger.net about blogs by mothers. They suggest that this type of blog is likely to become much more popular in the near future, due to the fact that mums will blog about a multitude of subjects rather than focussing on just one. Also, as Michelle Mitchell points out, mothers wield a lot of economic influence, considering that they are the ones who usually do the majority of the household buying, and therefore are well placed to make product recommendations and, if something’s not so good, to shout about it and warn others to stay well clear.

I can identify with a lot of what is said about the reasons that mothers blog. I have few ventures into the outside world apart from my school run and my weekly day at work, and enjoy the chance to communicate with even a faceless audience this way. I must admit that I’d like to see more comments to what I write, so that this could feel more interactive, but maybe this will develop over time as my readership increases. I certainly haven’t stopped enjoying this writing, and so it will continue for as long as I can think of fresh things to write about.

In the coming week i plan to do some baking, take a day trip (and take some photos), try to recruit more teams for Cancer Research UK Relay For Life Cardiff and attempt at least two new low fat evening meals for my family. I aim, of course, to blog about all of these things as the week progresses, and as ever I will be interested to see what unknown (as yet) things happen to catch my interest enough for a comment to appear here.


One Response

  1. Yep…you will get more comments, the more you write! Keep it up and thanks for noticing my blog.

    Ms. Single Mama

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