Jenny (or should that be Jennie?) bag

I was visiting Wondermommy the other day when I saw this lovely bag that she has recently made – isn’t it gorgeous? I love it so much that I decided to make it, so followed the link to Lola’s blog and found the tutorial and the link to download the pattern. My only decision now is what material to use to make it!

Another reference by Wondermommy, and I found this Amy Schimler material, which I love in both the summer designs from her ‘On A Whim’ range. There are Ebay stockists of her fabrics in this country to save me trying to import some, but maybe I should be a bit more economical and head to Hobbycraft where they have a sale on fat quarters at the moment. I just wish that I had a use for a white duchesse satin bag, as I’ve still got material left from when my mother made my wedding dress (I must post a photo of that one day) as well as some of the embroidered muslin she used for the jacket. I think I also have some of the lilac brocade from Husband’s waistcoat, but probably not as much of that. Oh well, I’ll have a use for it one day! Maybe I’ll make one of those ‘heirloom’ quilts, using all sorts of materials which bring back memories for me.


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  1. You’ll love the bag once you get it made. I love the Amy Schimler fabric. You should also check out her new creatures and critters collection. It is the cutest.

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