Wii fit and fabulous!

We have invested in a Wii Fit. We bought the Wii console eighteen months ago after I was worn down by my husband! I had always said that I didn’t want my children to grow up with their faces stuck to a television screen, so I wouldn’t let him buy a Playstation, but because by the very nature of it you have to move around a lot when playing on the Wii I agreed. And it has been great, especially on rainy days when the kids have been fidgety and longing to get outside. Of course it’s not a substitute for being able to get to the park and run around, but it’s great when we really can’t go outside due to bad weather etc. And so, when I saw the Wii Fit advertised some months ago I said that we had to get it. We had it last Friday, on the day of release (we’re so up to the minute!) and already have had lots of fun using it. There are things that all of us can do, even my four year old can take part in the jogging activities and some of the balancing things. And it monitors your weight and BMI as well as the amount of exercise you do, so it really does incentivise you to try to be healthier. It costs about the same as two months’ gym membership, and I think it’s going to be far better value for money as I’ve already used it more times than I’ve been to the gym in the last couple of months!


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