I’m going to miss this when my children get older…

The one thing that I think I’ll miss most as my children grow up is the mis-pronunciations and slight alterations of words that you get from little children who are trying their hardest to be grown-ups and talk like Mummy and Daddy. We’ve already lost so many; my elder son is very well read for his age and has a good vocabulary, and we’ve already lost many baby words from my younger son’s vocabulary. “Lellow” is on the way out, they have blackcurrant squash now instead of “purple juice” and many other things have gone away into the mists of babyhood. But a new one has emerged! The annual epidemic is underway in the nursery school, something which luckily both of my children have had before. Several of my younger son’s friends are affected though, so I’ve been hearing plenty about it. And what is this mystery ailment which has struck the local pre-schoolers?


Bless him! Just when I thought the amusing verbal interludes were a thing of the past, he finds all new words to delight my ears! But doesn’t that sound like a much pleasanter disease than the poxy variety?! 


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