Weekend update

Gluten free shortbread

I managed to get a fair few things done this weekend. I’m glad that I blogged yesterday about my gentle Sunday jobs, as it encouraged me to get them done so that I could come back here and tell you about them. As you can see, I made the gluten free shortbread, and it turned out quite well. The recipe called for me to shape them into individual biscuits and then bake them, but I decided to bake them in a tray and then slice them up as soon as they came out of the oven. I took some over to my friend’s house, and she seemed to like them. I also gave a couple to my parents to try, who also approved, and sent the rest with my husband into work for him to give to my friend Helen who also suffers with a gluten allergy.

I also managed to ‘service’ our bikes, so they are ready to be ridden as soon as I get the opportunity. My friends and family laugh when they see my bike, as I have a soft spot for gadget and my bicycle is crammed with them. As well as the obligatory front and rear lights, I have indicators either side of my rear light, which is also a brake light which shines more brightly when I apply the back brake. I also have a horn (like a clown hooter) rather than a sissy bell, a wing mirror (I love that – makes me feel like it’s a motorbike! Well, that and the indicators!) and, a large wicker basket. This was a present from my friend Hannah on my last birthday. However, I only got round to fitting it yesterday as last summer was so wet and miserable I barely got out on my bike at all. I also have a cycle computer, but I’m pushed for space on my handlebars now, so I’m going to have to be creative in working out where to fit it! 


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