Thoughts on a rainy day

I’m looking out of my window at another grey, rainy day. So, I decided to take a leaf out of my blogfriend Firefly‘s book and invite you to join me in a lovely cup of tea to set you up for the day ahead.

Hope this is how you like it - milk? Sugar?

There is something very comforting about cradling a hot cup of tea in your hands and sitting in a cosy chair in a warm house when the weather is cold, wet and blustery outside. And I love using my special teacups – I got them out today just for you!

I was all ready to write a post about rainy days (as per the title) when suddenly, in the space of five minutes, this happened;

But no, not to worry, it wasn’t to last. In the time it took me to upload the above picture, the status quo was resumed;

So, where was I? Right, cups of tea and comfort. Is it any wonder that we look for comfort on days like this, with such changeable skies?

[as a sidenote of excitement, a fire engine, complete with blue flashing lights has just pulled up outside my flat, although I think he’s lost as they’re turning around and leaving the street again. I live in a cul-de-sac, right at the end, so we get quite a lot of lost people having to turn around and try again to find where they should be! It’s coming back up the street again though, so obviously they are just having trouble finding the right house number.]

I’m getting sidetracked a little too often for your reading pleasure today, I’m afraid! Once more, the sun is out, the sky is almost clear (see picture 1!) and so I don’t think I’ll get rained on during my school run. I will have to carry on with this post after I return. Back in ten minutes…

…I have returned. And, having re-read what I wrote before the school run, I must apologise for the fragmented nature of this post. When I sat down to it, I intended it to be a reflection of my thoughts on this dull April day, thinking that I could muse on the effect that the weather has upon me as well as think about things that pick me up when the weather is getting me down (like my lovely blue and yellow tea-cup – I know, simple pleasures for simple minds!). And now I come to think about it, maybe this post is a reflection of my mind today (ooh, getting deep for a Friday lunchtime!). I am feeling quite twitchy, and finding it hard to settle to any one thing. I’ve spent a sizeable amount of my morning gazing out of my window at the wide expanse of sky, watching the clouds skud across my horizon and the branches of the trees bend with their new pale foliage under the force of the wind. I think I need to go away, make another cup of tea, think calm thoughts and maybe return later on. I have such a strange feeling inside me at the moment, as if I am suppressing great feelings of excitement. Maybe the weather really is affecting me! Maybe I need to shut the curtains and watch the news for a while, try to come back down to earth!


3 Responses

  1. !I have many a day like this, oh by the way I love your tea cup! This weather is going to perk up soon !!!

  2. Your cup is fantastic! I want it 🙂

  3. We are having rainy, windy weather here today. I felt as if I were having tea with you, and I must say it was nice to have a blog friend initiating the cuppa as I do at times on my blog.

    So, here’s to the weather that creates both the cozy feelings you described, and the strange feelings of excitement … a change is in the air!

    With that, I take a sip of my tea …


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